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Community Development Prior to project designing, we conduct thorough assessment to find out the needs of the community at the local level in order to help the people in the community build up their capacity to stand on their own feet. DONATE
01. Water and Sanitation

In the world, 1 in 8 people are still drinking dirty water, and 1 in 3 people are living in unhygienic places.
Almost 60% of diseases are known to be waterborne in developing countries. Providing clean water can help many people have safe and healthy life. Share Sarangbat undertakes projects of building and maintain wells and providing handy water purifiers.

02. Maintenance of Residential Environment

Share Sarangbat undertakes projects to build safe and sanitary environment for the residence and maintain it for the villages in under-development countries.

Improvement of residential environment
03. Energy Support Service

We deliver the means of using solar energy to the community in developing countries where people suffer from shortage of energy.

  • Provision of Solar LampsWe provide solar lamps for the communities with no electricity. Solar lamps can contribute to more convenient and safe life for the people in the locale.
  • Solar PanelWe help install solar panels in the communities which suffer from lack of electricity so that people can use not only light but also electronic devices (cell phone, radio, etc.).
Energy support service
04. Construction and Maintenance for Irrigation Canals and small Dams

We support for construction and maintenance for irrigation canals and small dams in the areas with water shortage so that people can reserve water for livestock and agriculture.

Improvement of residential environment