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Share Sarangbat Kenya

Share Sarangbat Kenya was opened in July 2015, with operations at Nairobi, Nakur, and Canaan Academy in Lumbea area near Namanga. The branch is carrying out various activities such as operation of the independence support center for teenage single mothers, educational supports, regional development projects for Maasai people, etc.

Main Work
    • Support for Single Mothers
    • - Guaranteeing the right to education for single mothers in their teens and the right to live for their young children
    • - Education programs to build up self-reliance such as technical training
    • - Operation of the local independence support center
    • Educational Support Project (Canaan Academy)
    • - Budget support related to school operation
    • - Local tuition support
    • - Textbooks and teaching aids
    • - Free meal for enrolled students
    • Regional development projects (Maasai)
    • - Supplying drinking water, domestic water by digging wells in Masai area
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  • Share Sarangbat Kenya
    Address   1) Nairobi : Jacaranda Estate block B5-3-03, Kamiti Road, kahawa west, Nairobi 2) Canaan Academy : AIc Caanan academy, Mailua, Kajiado

    Phone   +254 720 379 094

    Email   Share