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Share Sarangbat Burkina Faso

Share Sarangbat Brukina Faso, located in Bobodi Ulaso, Brukina Faso, was opened in March, 2018. Burkina Faso branch is running the women literacy class to enhance women's social participation and strengthen their capacity, and free meal service for an average of 1,675 poor families per month. In addition, they are helping to improve the quality of life of local residents through the projects for improvement of living environment and 1-on-1 child support, striving for the independence of the branch through the poultry and broiler farming.

Main Work
    • Literacy Education for Women
    • Basic education for the women who have not completed primary education
    • - French, basic math, reading and writing
    • - 4 days a week * 2 hours each day
    • - Providing all textbooks and school supplies
    • Free Meals Projects
    • - Free meal service for the children in slums
    • - About 68% of the absolute poor with a daily living cost of 1.25 dollars or less
    • - Providing nutrition and hygiene education along with the free meal service, and global cultural education through audio-visual material
    • Medical Support (Prosthetic Hands and Legs)
    • - Prosthetic hands and legs for the children who have difficulty living due to their disability
    • - Since Bobodi Ulaso is a suburb area, the project has been conducted through the agreement with the prosthetic appliance manufacturer of the Center for the Disabled located at Ouagadougou, the capital.
  • Share Sarangbat Brukina Faso
    Address   01 B.P 2911 BOBO-DISSO 01

    Phone   +226 766 057 30