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Share Sarangbat Ethiopia

Share Sarangbat Ethiopia located in the Dila, a market city in southern Ethiopia, was opened in November 2017. The Ethiopian branch operates a variety of services for neighbors in need, such as vocational and technical education for the self-reliance of the poor medical support for children, emergency relief, and free meals, etc. In addition, the branch is helping many children through fund-raising by signing MOUs with the headquarters and local organizations.

Main Work
    • Vocational and Technical Education Support
    • - Vocational and technical education for inmates who are in prison for committing petty crime for living
    • - Providing technical training and opportunities for income generation to help prisoners enter society and become economically independent
    • - Sewing /bakery/loom/soap making class, etc.
    • Dental care for the descendants of the Korean War Veterans
    • - Providing dental care and medical expenses for the veterans and their descendants every month in recognition of Ethiopian soldiers of the Korean War.
    • Covid-19 damage support (Emergency Relief)
    • - Providing disinfection supplies to poor Ethiopian families who are vulnerable to the COVID-19 due to poor health care system(Making and donating 3D masks through collaboration with Addis Ababa Bio-medical Engineering)
  • Share Sarangbat Ethiopia
    Address   Gedeo zone, Dilla town, kebele 06 house number new

    Phone   +251 97 882 5076