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Share Sarangbat Cambodia

Share Sarangbat Cambodia Branch, located in Siem Reap, Cambodia, was opened in 2015. The Cambodia branch is carrying out various activities such as free meals for the poor (food supplies), projects for improvement of living environment, 1-on-1 foreign child support, and operation of after-school classes, etc. In addition, the branch is operating the projects for the poor in Cambodia by understanding local needs through an MOU with local organizations and working closely with them.

Main Work
    • Food Aid(free meal)
    • - Food aid for the families worrying about feeding themselves
    • - Free meal for poor area
    • Projects for Improvement of Living Environment
    • - Roof renovation for the areas prone to floods in the rainy seaso
    • - Housing renovation for poor families
    • Supporting Schools for disabled
    • - School supplies for disabled students in Siem Reap
    • - Daily necessities for boarding students with disabilities
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  • Share Sarangbat Cambodia (local NGO : Daembi Anakot Komar Organization)

    Address   Flat B.20 Angkor shopping Arcade Siem reap District, Siem reap Province, Cambodia

    Phone   +855 092-455-960(personal)