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  • 1987.
    Establishment of ‘Share Sarangbat’
  • 1989.
    Opened ‘Happy Home’ for homeless
  • 1990.
    Share Sarangbat broadcasted ‘인간시대(An age of human)’ TV program on MBC
  • 1994.
    Opened ‘Happy Home’ for unfortunate children
  • 1997.
    Established ‘NETWORK’ Food Bank, a welfare foundation
  • 2001.
    Opened ‘Happy Home’ in Busan
    Opened ‘Silver Home’ for the elderly in Inje
  • 2004.
    Initiated entrusted management of Ojeong Senior Welfare Center
  • 2006.
    Establishment WECA(World Educational Culture Aid), a global education and culture center
  • 2008.
    Initiated Sarangbat Daybreak Letter
    Expanded projects to the developing countries
  • 2009.
    Initiated projects to the developing countries
  • 2011.
    Opened ‘Beusolseanae’, a nursing care center for people with severe disabilities
  • 2012.
    Opened ‘Nasolchae Senior Care Center’
    Opened Multicultural Center
  • 2013.
    Opened Share Sarangbat Cambodia
    Initiated a Partnership with World Cyber College
  • 2014.
    Opened Lumbwa Primary School in Kenya
    Partnership with Hangangsoo Hospital in Korea for sending volunteer medics team
  • 2015.
    Opened Share Sarangbat Taiwan (Province of China), Share Sarangbat Kenya
    Opened Upendo Primay School in Kenya
    Opened Pre-School in Amnat Charoen, Thailand
    Emergency Response to on Nepal’s earthquake
    Partnership with National Trauma and Orthopedic Research Center in Mongolia for burn patients’ treatment
  • 2016.
    Opened Share Sarangbat Colombia, Share Sarangbat Mongolia
    Opened Group Homes for teenage single moms with their babies in Kenya
    Opened Day Care Centers for children in Mongolia and Thailand
    Opened Homes for orphaned children in Thailand, Kyrgyzstan and the Philippines
    Emergency Response Support on earthquake in Ecuador
    Emergency relief for South Sudanese refugees in the refugee camp in Adjumani, Uganda Medical Support for Child burn patients in Mongolia and Myanmar
  • 2017.
    Opened Share Sarangbat Thailand, Southeast Asia
    Opened a Home for orphaned children in Tanzania and Bangladesh