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  • 1987.
    Establishment of ‘Share Sarangbat’
  • 1989.
    Opened ‘Happy Home’ for homeless
  • 1994.
    Opened ‘Happy Home’ for unfortunate children
  • 1997.
    Established ‘NETWORK’ Food Bank, a welfare foundation
  • 2001.
    Opened ‘Happy Home’ in Busan
    Opened ‘Silver Home’ for the elderly in Inje
  • 2004.
    Initiated entrusted management of Ojeong Senior Welfare Center
  • 2006.
    Establishment WECA(World Educational Culture Aid), a global education and culture center
  • 2008.
    Initiated Sarangbat Daybreak Letter
    Expanded projects to the developing countries
  • 2009.
    Initiated projects to the developing countries
  • 2011.
    Opened ‘Beusolseanae’, a nursing care center for people with severe disabilities
  • 2012.
    Opened ‘Nasolchae Senior Care Center’
    Opened Multicultural Center
  • 2013.
    (Cambodia) Opened Share Sarangbat branch
    (Korea) Initiated a Partnership with World Cyber College
  • 2014.
    (Kenya) Opened Lumbwa Primary School
    (Korea) Partnership with Hangangsoo Hospital in Korea for sending volunteer medics team
  • 2015.
    (Taiwan/ Kenya) Opened Share Sarangbat brach
    (Kenya) Opened Upendo Primay School
    (Thailand) Opened Pre-School in Amnat Charoen
    (Nepal) Emergency Response to on Nepal’s earthquake
    (Mongolia) Partnership with National Trauma and Orthopedic Research Center for burn patients’ treatment
  • 2016.
    (Colombia / Mongolia) Opened Share Sarangbat branch
    (Kenya) Opened Group Homes for teenage single moms with their babies
    (Mongolia / Thailand) Opened Day Care Centers for children
    (Thailand / Kyrgyzstan / Philippines) Opened Homes for orphaned children
    (Ecuador) Emergency Response Support on earthquake
    (Adjumani / Uganda) Emergency relief for South Sudanese refugees in the refugee camp
    (Mongolia / Myanmar) Medical Support for Child burn patients
  • 2017.
    (India) Share Sarangbat & Asiana Airlines, dispatched employee volunteers for the child project
    (Africa) Catholic Kwandong University International St. Mary's Hospital delivered cloths for newborn babies to single mothers
    (Cambodia/Mongolia) Overseas volunteer activities of Hyupsung University
    (Mongolia) Opened Share Sarangbat branch in Ulaanbaatar.
    (Kenya) Share Sarangbat's trip with supporters to meet the sponsored children
    (Mongolia) Share Sarangbat invited Mongolian child with burns (Enhzing), to Korea to help him have an operation.
    (Tanzania) Overseas volunteer activities of Sunchon National University
    (Kenya) Overseas volunteer activities of World Friends 34th Group
    (Vietnam) Little Rose Shelter & Hope Village Shelter were opened
    (Burkina Faso) Opened Share Sarangbat branch in Bobodi Ulaso
    (Bangladesh) Shalom Shelter was opened
    (Thailand) Opened Share Sarangbat branch in Bangkok.
  • 2018.
    (India) Share Sarangbat & Asiana Airlines, dispatched employee volunteers for the child project
    (Korea) Share Sarangbat opened a picture book library
    (Vietnam) Overseas volunteer activities of Schaeffler Korea(University student)
    (Korea) Share Sarangbat, the NGO in action acquired the Special Consultative Status from the UN ECOSOC.
    (Korea) The Spring Flower Concert and the sharing event hosted jointly with KBS, was completed successfully.
    (Indonesia) The employees of KEB Hana Bank volunteered with Share Sarangbat
    (Vietnam / Cambodia / Laos) Overseas Volunteer Activities of University Students (4 universities)
  • 2019.
    (Philippines) Korea Post Foundation supplied furniture made of recycled paper to Marikina
    (Korea) Share Sarangbat signed the MOU with PLUSCOPE
    (Kyrgyzstan) The 13th Hana Financial Group’s SMART Ambassador volunteered
    (Korea) KB Insurance had the 2nd Korean Class Completion Ceremony for Foreign Workers
    (Mongolia) Hangangsoo Hospital did medical services for the burn victims
    (Cambodia) Overseas Volunteer Activities of Gyeonggi Global School
    (Vietnam) The 14th Hana Financial Group's SMART Ambassador volunteered
    (Cambodia) Emergency relief to aid flood victims in Poipet
    (Philippines) A children's library was opened in a mountain village in Dumaguete
    (Kenya / Philippines) Supports(free meals, daily necessities) for single mothers and children in Nakuru, and the garbage village in Tondo
    (Korea) Received a plaque of appreciation on the 1st Social Contribution Day organized by Asiana Airlines, INC.
  • 2020.
    (Korea) Hi-Production provided 200 boxes of the COVID-19 prevention KITs to Daegu and Gyeongbuk
    (Ethiopia) 3D Mask Production and Support for Vulnerable Classes -
    (Mongolia) Medication support to National Severe Trauma Center
    (Vietnam) Emergency relief for Typhoon and Flood Damage
    (Korea) KB Insurance, AIA Life Insurance provided the COVID-19 prevention KITs.
    (Colombia) Covid19 Emergency (Support for Poor Families)
    (Kenya) Covid19 Emergency Relief (Supporting job creation & providing income opportunities)
    (Cambodia) Prevention Project for dengue fever (about 6,000 people)
    (Korea) Hana Bank provided 70 sets of Happy Boxes to prevent the COVID-19
    (Cambodia) Support for Covid19 Emergency Relief for Multicultural Families in Siem reap
    (Thailand) Support for goods for Covid19 prevention (cloths, masks) at Pumapon Hospital
    (Thailand) Corona 19 Emergency Relief Goods Support (120 people) in the Raptrao slums
  • 2021.
    Medicine support for children with burns in Mongolia
    Support for elementary/middle school for Vietnamese minorities (by Scheffler Korea)
    Emergency medicine support for low-income families in Vietnam
    Support for school supplies for elementary school students in Vietnam (lby KB Insurance)
    Project for literacy class support to women in Burkina Faso
    Residential environment improvement Project in Burkina Faso
    Prosthetic limb support project for the disabled in Burkina Faso
    Support project for women's products to shelters for single mothers in Kenya
  • 2022.
    Establishing a library and the operation of book programs for disabled students at KROSARTHMEY School in Cambodia
    After-school Class Support Project in Cambodia
    Residential environment improvement Project in the Poor Area of Siem Reap, Cambodia
    Emergency relief($15,000) for refugees in Payaton, Myanma
    Emergency relief($16,000) for war refugee in Ukraine
    Support for heating goods (coal, etc.) for low-income families in Mongolia
    Project to support burn medicines to National hospital in Mongolia
    Residential environment improvement project for ger villages in poor areas of Mongolia
    Education support project for ethnic minorities in Quang Nam, Vietnam
    Drinking water improvement project for ethnic minorities in Quang Nam, Vietnam
    Supporting the renovation of facilities for the disabled in Vietnam
    Support Project to Elementary School Sanitary Facilities (Toilet) in Burkina Faso
    Project for literacy class support to women in Burkina Faso
    Residential environment improvement project  for the Vulnerable in Burkina Faso
    Technical education support project for single mothers in Kenya
    Food aid project to Masai tribe in Kenya
    Free meal support project for low-income families in Colombia
    Vocational education (Bakery) support project in Colombia
    ICT-based education support project in Colombia
    Agricultural technology support project in Guahira Village, Colombia
    Support Project for operating kindergartens in Thailand
    Support Project for children’s library in Yangon, Myanmar