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Introduction When every member of our society shares what they have with our neighbors, everyone will benefit from each other.
It is the world Share Sarangbat dreams of.
Mission and Values

   1. Mission : "Planting and Caring for the Seeds of Love"

   2. Values : Leader, Opportunity, Self-esteem, Essential

Planting and Caring for the Seeds of Love

Share Sarangbat reaches and takes care of our neighbors in hardship in the world where they are likely to be neglected. Sarangbat refers to ‘field of love’ where we sow the seeds of love. Our name represents that we plow the field widely and cultivate beautiful fruits of love. Through the participation and support of people from various parts of the society, Sarangbat has been trying best to reach unprivileged and helpless people.

Share Sarangbat with Rights-based, Bottom-up and Holistic Approaches

Our purpose is to ensure that the social welfare service and facilities reach each and every single citizen in the world, especially those who are likely to be out of benefits from the governmental or non-governmental services due to various difficulties. We take it very critical to maintain rights-based, bottom-up and holistic approaches from the assessment and project design phase till the evaluation phase. Therefore, we strongly believe that our projects ultimately bring a better life for the global communities. Share Sarangbat will continue doing its work to help our neighbors in need till the end of poverty, famine, and epidemic diseases.

Share love and help with People for their Basic Rights and Dignities

Sarangbat is sharing love and help with people who cannot have the opportunities to live their lives with basic rights and dignities all around the world. The main principles of our work are described as below:
1. Battling to reduce welfare-blind-spots
2. Sharing beyond borders
3. Loving Neighbors as God does
4. Leading transparent donation culture