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Share Sarangbat Colombia
  1. Share Sarangbat Colombia supports people in need all over Colombia via our programs starting from the north (Cartagena) all the way to the south (Leticia). Despite its economic development achieved over the past years Colombia still has a great number of children in poverty. Through our Shelter programs we have been helping children with education programs and basic needs. We were able to give some support to the victims of the Mocoa's natural disaster and continue the care. Colombian villages, towns and small cities are still in great need for support in basic needs, education, medicine, jobs, and leadership.
Main Work
  1. 1. Shelter: Day Care Centers in two regions- Amazon, Cazuca (due to be open)
  2. 2. 1:1 Child Sponsorship
        Children in four regions as follows:- Amazon, Cartagena, Los Alpes (Bogota), Cazuca
  3. 3. Emergency Rescue Work- Rescue and help victims from landslides in Mocoa
  4. 4. Provincial Development Service- Installation of Solar Panels in Arrojo Limon, Guajira
  5. 5. Share Sarangbat's Office of Middle and South American region
  • Share Sarangbat CL147#14-69 Torre 5 ,Bogota
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