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Share Sarangbat Colombia

Share Sarangbat Columbia was opened in October 2017, with operations in Bogota, Guajira, minority tribes in the Amazon, civil war-affected areas and slums. The branch is carrying out various activities such as educational supports for civil war-affected areas, minority tribes (Guajira, Amazon), projects for self-reliance capacity enhancement, etc.

Main Work
    • Self-Reliance Capacity building project (Mochila project in Guajira)
    • - Assistance in making Mochila bags for the Wayuu in Guajira, Colombia (design information, materials and technical supports)
    • - Support for income increase through pre-purchase based on fair trade
    • Educational Supports
    • - After-school care programs(coffee class) for the schools in the Colombian civil war-affected areas(Biota)
    • - Supports for minority tribal schools in Guajira (offering classrooms)
    • - After-school care programs for minority tribes in the Amazon (basic education)
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  • Share Sarangbat Columbia (Cultivo de amor)

    Address   cra. 49 #94-98, bogota

    Phone   +57 311 831 1581