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One-time Donation Your donation helps Share Sarangbat fight poverty by reaching and supporting our vulnerable neighbors in developing countries. With your support we can work on the following areas.
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  • International Sponsorship We help create relationships between sponsors and their sponsored child living abroad. Through the sponsorship, the children are provided with minimum living expense, education, medical help etc. open or close
  • Shelter Our shelters abroad were built to meet different needs of vulnerable people. The shelters can be home for those in need, who are provided with services such as food, protection, education, vocational training and psychological therapies etc. open or close
  • Health and Medical Support People in rural areas cannot get necessary treatment for their condition. We help those patients get medical support in their countries and in Korea by inviting them. open or close
  • Educational Program The most effective key to break the cycle of poverty is education. We provide education programs so that children in poor families could step away from poverty and have hope. open or close
  • Poverty Reduction Program Over 1.2 billion people around the world suffer from extreme poverty, not being able to have even one meal a day. We provide foods and necessary items to help those in need maintain their livelihood. open or close
  • Community Development Share Sarangbat collaboratively works with overseas branches to reach and support those in need in the communities in developing countries. We contribute to meeting their needs by doing various activities such as digging wells, providing foods and required services for the communities. open or close
  • Emergency Relief Program We respond to emergency humanitarian crises including conflicts and natural disasters like earthquakes, floods and droughts. Sarangbat sends a rescue team to the crisis area to deliver and distribute relief items including clean water, foods etc. open or close
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We deeply appreciate your contribution. Share Sarangbat is making utmost endeavor to make the best use of your donation transparently. We strongly believe that our projects ultimately bring change for the brighter future.