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One-time Donation Your donation helps Share Sarangbat fight poverty by reaching and supporting our vulnerable neighbors in developing countries. With your support we can work on the following areas.
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  • International Sponsorship By establishing one-on-one sponsorship with poor children in underdeveloped countries suffering from poverty and diseases, we have regularly sponsored them so they can grow healthy and dream of the future. open or close
  • Educational Program Education is the most effective way to eliminate poverty. We carry out education projects so that many of our neighbors can escape from poverty passed from generation to generation, and dream of a better future with hope. open or close
  • Shelter Special project that provides continuous beneficiaries-oriented support for neighbors in need around the world who have been marginalized for various reasons such as poverty, war, and discrimination, etc. open or close
  • Health and Medical Support We are operating various health care support projects such as burn treatments and incurable diseases treatment for the neighbors who are suffering without receiving even basic medical benefits. open or close
  • Community Development We are working on the projects to build up the foundation so that the residents in the areas with poor infrastructures for basic living, can stand up for themselves. open or close
  • Emergency Relief Program We dispatch relief teams to the areas where emergency situations have occurred such as natural disasters including earthquakes, floods, droughts, and regional disputes, in order to deliver relief goods, and provide support for restoration of the damaged areas. open or close
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We deeply appreciate your contribution. Share Sarangbat is making utmost endeavor to make the best use of your donation transparently. We strongly believe that our projects ultimately bring change for the brighter future.