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ci image
CI A young man planted
seeds of love on a small farm in wilderness.
People thought it was a reckless behavior. However,
the man kept cultivating the farm in silence and
taking care of it very hard.

Though people laughed at him
and the harvest was not good enough,
the man had a strong belief that the small seeds
that he sowed would grow as fruits of love for
many people to share someday.
Sarangbat CI
Share SarangbatShare Sarangbat
CI meaning
Share Sarangbat's CI is derived from the image of falling small seeds on the farm in a heart shape, symbolizing 'Love'.
Also, our English name 'Share Sarangbat' refers to a global organization that practices 'Love' to the whole world.
CI and use of logo
The CI and the logo should be used based on understanding of our guidelines for effective and desirable use.
Should you have any inquiries relevant to the usage of our CI and logo, please contact us before you use them.