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Share Sarangbat Thailand

Share Sarangbat Thailand branch, located in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, was opened in 2016. The Thailand branch is carrying out various activities for the neighbors in need, such as free meals (food aid) for the poor, 1-on-1 child support, shelter operation, and medical expenses support for children, etc. Through the MOU with local organizations and on-site fundraising, the branch is striving to create a donation culture in Thailand, and carrying out the projects for children in poor urban areas.

Main Work
    • Shelters
    • - Education shelters for the children who have not get a basic education
    • Medical Support for children
    • - Medical expenses for the children in need of urgent medical support
    • Operation of Language Schools
    • - English classes for teenagers in Thailand
    • - The income from the language schools is used as educational expenses for poor children in the region.
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  • Share Sarangbat Thailand
    Address   Thairong Tower, Unit No. 1350/88-89, floor 8B, Pattanakarn Road soi 36, Suanluang, Suanluang Bangkok 10250 Phone   +66 083-002-3642