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Kwon Taeil
"I cherish others’ lives as if they are in the center of my life." Founder, Kwon TaeilIn 1986, a young man as an ordinary salaryman met a poor woman with two children begging for help on the street, where the man started taking care of people in need. Then, he created 'Hamkkehaneun Saranbat’ which refers to 'Share Sarangbat' in English. The young man was Pastor Taeil Kwon who is the Founder of Share Sarangbat.

In the world, many people live by their own judgement and standard of value putting themselves in the center of their life. However, this can cause disputes which can result in conflicts and even wars due to individual selfishness.

I believe the reason for being unhappy is because of individual desire derived from self-centeredness. It is our core idea and value that we can make the world a better place by changing our thought from self-centeredness to altruism.

I finally established 'Share Sarangbat' in order to put this value into action not just claiming, to find those who are suffering pain and help them solve their problems and stand on their own feet and give them hope for a better tomorrow based on Christian values.

Share Sarangbat is a new model of social welfare foundation that encourages donations successfully, constantly support public benefit activities and managing its organization transparently and fairly by experts with morality in order to develop donation culture in our society.

I am sure that Share Sarangbat will bear bigger and more beautiful fruits with you joining our work of great values.

Acadimic Ability
1990.03 ~ 1995.03 Graduated Pastoral Theology from Chongsin Seminary 1996.03 ~ 1999.02 Graduated Vision Christian Bible College and Seminary 1996.06.14. Complete Training Institute Global Spiritual Speaker 2012.02.16. Hanyoung Theological University&Graduate School, Doctor's Degree
1997.05. 01 Helping Our Neighbors in Incheon Promoting Council, Joint Representative 1997.08 ~ 2011.02 Social Welfare Corporation Network, Chief Director 2001.01 ~ 2002.03 Korea Special Mission Federation, President 2001.09 ~ 2007 Social Welfare Foundation Silver Home, 1st and 2nd president 2005.04 Korea Nazarene University, Guest Professor 1997.02 ~ The Presbyterian Church of Korea, Sarangbat Church, Pastor 2001.05 ~ Intercessory Prayer 7000Club, President 2001.07 ~ Social Welfare Foundation Silver Home, Chief Director 2002.11 ~ Korea Council of Christian Mission Organization, Disabled Consultation Group, President 2003.01 ~ Christian Revival Association, Vice President 2003.04 ~ World Share, US INC, Chief Director 2004.01 ~ Bupyung-gu, Incheon, Social Welfare Association, Examiner 2004.09 ~ Share Sarangbat, Chief Director 2003.07 ~ 'Dawn Letter', Author 2008.10 ~ World Share, Standing Advisor 2010.11 ~ WECA, Chief Director 2015.04 ~ Korean Rescue Team, Multiple General Manager
Choi Seonggyun
"Human rights are the first to be considered in our Work!" Chief Director, Choi, SeonggyunChoi, Seonggyun, Chief Director of Share Sarangbat, was granted a master's degree from graduate school of South Carolina University, and had conducted Permanent Special Officer of Grand National Party's Central Election Polling Committee at 17th South Korean Presidential Election. Also, he was president of Korea Association of Social Workers, and Korea Association of Social Welfare Future Management Association.

It has been about 45 years since I stepped into Social work.
Social welfare is a big part of my life and will be for the future.
A fact that never changed in my long-period experience is people should be in the center in Social Welfare.
This fact is not only limited to Social Welfare, but everything in our life.
And social problems are likely to occur when we do not focus on people in the center.

Environmental development without considering human life will only bear destruction of natural environment and also natural disasters.
Social system and policies without considering human life will only destroy human dignity and make society cold-hearted.
However, environmental development based on human life will bring us health and richness. In turn, social system based on people, it will provide us happy and stable life.

Everything will work in the right way based on the human right. Share Sarangbat also began with love for people.
Namely, we started from the mind with warm-heartedness on people.
This is what humanism is.
The way Share Sarangbat makes will never change because we will not change our values of caring for people.
Share Sarangbat will make more and more people have hopes and dreams with smiles with this value.

Let's keep in mind the phrase 'PEOPLE FIRST' by heart.

Lim Kwang Sim
"Share Sarangbat has walked along with our neighbors in need for over 30 years." Executive Director. Lim Kwang SimLim Kwang Sim, Executive Director of Share Sarangbat, since 1993 has been serving for Share Sarangbat. With her career background of working as a Senior Director at NETWORK, which is a Sarangbat Welfare Corporation, she is now contributing to realizing Sarangbat Mission of ‘Planting and Caring for the Seeds of Love’.

Share Sarangbat has walked along with our neighbors in need for over 30 years.

Share Sarangbat, which began by a young man with a good mind giving a hand for a poor woman with two children begging for help on the street has now grown up to reach the poor over the country including Seoul, Incheon, Daejeon, Daegu, Busan, Kwangju, Cheonan, and Jeju. At the same time, further internationally it has grown to open branches in Taiwan, Province of China, Cambodia, Kenya, and Guatemala.

It is a great pleasure and honor for me to contribute to sharing Sarangbat’s seeds of love.

There have been challenges and hardships while Share Sarangbat has come along the way for helping the poor.

It was Share Sarangbat colleagues’ great endeavor to run for our neighbors in need that has driven our entity to grow as an international development & welfare organization with professionalism and sincerity.

I express deep appreciation to all of our sponsors and colleagues.

Share Sarangbat will keep working as sincerely as it has done to deliver hope and love to our neighbors in need around us.

With my colleagues together I will work hard dreaming of seeing our neighbors in need have better lives.

Please join us our work and keep having your attention and love for us.