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Share Sarangbat Mongolia
Main Work
  1. 1. Shelters Day Care Centers for Orphaned or Disabled ChildrenOutskirts and nearby are of Dornod and Ulan Baator.
  2. 2. Installing Portable Shower Rooms for nomads (Outskirt Area of Ulan Bator)Mongolia traditionally has nomadic culture of which life lacks in water for daily lives such as for hygiene and drinking. Portable Shower Rooms help those in need for clean water.
  3. 3. Medicine Banking System via National Trauma and Orthopedic Research Center in MongoliaIn order to get medical treatment, Mongolians are asked to bring their own medicine to the hospital. For cases like burn patients, they cannot get treatment despite their severity without bringing medicine by themselves.Therefore, Share Sarangbat Mongolia operates Medicine Banking System for low income patients to get the medicine they need in emergency situation.
  4. 4. Financial Support for Burn patients who are from Low Income Family
  5. 5. Child Sponsorship Service Share Sarangbat Mongolia reaches out to find children in need and then help them get sponsored. Share Sarangbat Mongolia works on relevant monitoring and financing. We have three types of sponsorship as general sponsorship for low income families, special multi-sponsorship for child burn patients, and one to one sponsorship.
  6. 6. International Medical Service for Burn Patients International medical service team consisting of doctors from Korea, Australia, etc. makes visits for medical checkups and treatment.
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