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Share Sarangbat Vietnam

Share Sarangbat Vietnam, located in Danang, Vietnam, was opened in September 2017. The Vietnam branch is carrying out various activities for neighbors in need such as free meals (food aid), education programs, 1-on-1 child support, operation of shelters, and medical expenses support for children, etc. targeting ethnic minorities among the poorest in Vietnam. We are also striving to create a donation culture in Vietnam by signing MOUs with local organizations and SNS fund-raising.

Main Work
    • Shelters
    • - Operating expenses for boarding classrooms for the hearing impaired
    • - Expenses for operating orphanages
    • Support for Ethnic Minorities
    • - Educational expenses, living expenses, and food supports for poor families among ethnic minorities
    • - Food aid and house renovation for single mothers among ethnic minorities
    • - School facilities renovation, free meals, and supplying textbooks for ethnic minorities
    • Medical Support for the Children
    • - Expenses for urgently transporting burned children to the hospital
    • - Medical expenses for the children with burns and intractable diseases
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  • Share Sarangbat Vietnam
    Address   P.1103, Monarchy A, Tran Hung Dao street, An Hai Tay ward, Son Tra district, Da Nang city, Vietnam.

    Phone   +84 094-330-0212