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International Sponsorship We provide overall services like minimum living expense, educational service, and medical service for the child who suffers from poverty and disease through the sponsorship. Help bring hope to their life.
We help create relationships between sponsors and their sponsored child living abroad. Through the sponsorship, the children are provided with minimum living expense, education, medical help etc. Encouraged sponsors can build a friendship with their sponsored child by sharing their own stories via letters. Currently 600 children in the countries - as Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Malaysia, Mexico, Mongol, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, the Philippines, Tanzania, Thailand, Viet Nam - are getting sponsored for their minimum living expense, education, medical help etc.
Sponsor a Child
Our Impact of International Sponsorship
- Asia : Mongol, Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, India
- Africa : Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Burkina Faso
- South America : Paraguay, Ecuador, Guatemala
Progression of Procedure
  • STEP 1 Apply for a sponsorship
  • STEP 2 Get connected with a child in 2 weeks
  • STEP 3 Receive a Child Information Card
  • STEP 4 Stay connected with the child (Receive a report with a letter and drawing once a year)