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Campaigns to Help our Neighbors in Need
Housing renovation support in Burkina Faso
In Samagang village in Burkina Faso without proper water and electricity facilities.
There is the only home of Elodie and her mother, which is likely to collapse anytime soon.

Housing renovation support in Burkina Faso

Elodie, four-year-old girl who lives in a mud house.
The only place to sleep is a mat on one side of the dirt floor, not to mention the walls, roofs, and restrooms that are piled up with mud. On the other hand, a house filled with smoke every day by making dishes with wood and charcoal...
A 4-year-old child Elodie and her mother live in this place where no a single ray of light comes in when the door is closed. In addition, Burkina Faso has been raining for a long time due to abnormal weather in recent years.
Because of this, Elodie's dirt house, which has been soaked in water, is on the verge of collapsing. They are worried that their house will collapse while sleeping, and on a heavy rainy night, they stay up with their eyes open.

Housing renovation support in Burkina Faso Housing renovation support in Burkina Faso

Another danger to Elodie... Poison!
In addition, in Burkina Faso, it is common for children to live in dirty, mud houses, bitten by poison insects, rot their flesh and eventually cut them off.
Very very young Elodie also lives in the house with fear as she can't escape the danger of poisonous insects.
Elodie family needs roofs, walls, and space to live like a human to protect them from storms, rain and poison. Her mom wants to move out for her little daughter who is supposed to grow up in a good environment, but it's not easy because her mother is making a living by selling anything every day.

Housing renovation support in Burkina Faso Housing renovation support in Burkina Faso

In Burkina Faso, there are too many families like Elodie’s.
Burkina Faso, located in West Africa, is one of the poorest countries with more than a quarter of the population in poverty.
The poor, who are in an environment where it is difficult to maintain a basic livelihood, are living without a just normal home like Elodie’s.
Sarangbat is carrying out a home improvement project for these families.
In Samagang Village, over 50% of residents live at the level of the house where Elodie lives. We discover these homes and families, check the environment, and support repairs and renovations from the most necessary parts of the house.
A lot of help is so desperate for them to grow up in a comfortable home that is not a threat to life.

Housing renovation support in Burkina Faso Housing renovation support in Burkina Faso

We plan to make major renovations to the house so that Elodie can live safely.
Currently, the biggest problem in her house is that the house collapses due to rainwater entering the house as it rains for a long time due to an abnormal climate. Therefore, we will focus on making the safest home. First, we plan to renovate the house by stacking one or two blocks on the floor to protect it from rainwater or poisoning. It will be built in the form of two rooms and one living room, and from the foundation, we are going to build a strong building with stones and reinforcement. Concrete pillars will be erected in the center of the house, and the roof will be covered with tin steel. We are also planning to create clean and hygienic toilets and shower spaces.

We look forward to the day when Elodie can live happily in her new house.

With your warm attention,
we make Elodie and her mother dream of the future in their own new home.

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