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Campaigns to Help our Neighbors in Need
Hope for the children in Tondo garbage viliage

Who are the children in Tondo?

Children in Tondo which is a trash town in Manila, Philippines.
Manila Tondo is one of the world's top three slums, and because of poverty, children are not guaranteed basic living, not education.
There are about 60,000 children live here. Most of them pick up garbage and sell them, and it's just a place where people who live today are gathered. It was the place where they have never even dreamed of hope in a pile of trash no any expectation for the future.
At the age of learning, children come out on the streets to pick up trash, and teenagers spend their days on the street with their sleepy eyes without focus like they've lost their place to go.

There is a life like ours in even this town like ruins
Although they live different from us, there is a life as precious as ours. The worn-out roof and tanned exterior walls are no different from ruins, but there are laid laundry on it. Due to no shower space, when it rains, naked children and adults with wearing clothes ​shower on the streets. On the day of the free meal, young children who hold the rice bowl and spoon in their two hands in line. There are Children riding on a slide using a pile of garbage as a playground all over the village.
However, each precious life is losing its reason for existence in the trash and no longer dreams in the face of reality.

Who we are & What we are doing

Share Sarangbat runs a shelter to keep the children from losing their dreams.
We built a shelter in garbage town Tondo, in the Philippines, and has been operating since 2018.We run after-school classes, providing meals and basic education to children in the garbage village.
Most of the children were born in this town and trapped in a pile of garbage so they have never come out of the world.Shelter children are parentsless, single-parent, and grandparent-children, they were not raised in normal family environment.
So We have built a shelter for these children and provides basic education such as English, Math every week. There are many children who can't even eat one meal a day, so we regularly provide free nutritious meals. We are working hard to help our children dream and grow.

Tondo shelter & COVID-19

Tondo garbage village is a very vulnerable area to Corona virus. The houses are all attached together and it were very dirty hygienically. The quarantine itself is meaningless, and the entire village is exposed to the Corona virus.
The Philippines government also has no support for the Tondo village, and villagers are complaining of great difficulties. Shelter lacks a lot of food, soap, masks, hand sanitizers and other daily necessities.

Our goal

There are about 50 children in the Sarangbat Shelter. What these children need most is a healthy meal, hygiene products that can protect them from the coronavirus, and basic necessities for their lives. For about 600 dollars a month, 50 children can grow up healthy.
We will continue to work for these children. This campaign is to help them for about a year. The cost for one year is expected to be about $7,200. We appreciate all donations and participation, no matter how small, because any amount will make a difference in these children lives!!

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