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Burn patients requiring long-term care

Burn injury critically requires long-term care for the very sensitive skin which needs moisturizing with special ointments. When we get burn injury we immediately receive medical treatment even for a small burn, but medical treatment is not widely ready for those in under-development countries. Share Sarangbat has been focusing on helping especially those child burn patients, who got burn injuries due to being exposed to dangerous environment for fires and accidents. 

Impact of Burn Injury for a Child

Kirming, a 3-year old Mongolian baby got burns over his chest and arms, but could not receive any treatment right after the accident occurred. He is in acute pains not being able to sleep due to itchy burned skin. In turn he is also exposed to the secondary infection due to the wound from bloody pus. It is critical that his skin needs putting on special medicine till the wound heals and also till his body fully grows up. However, his parents cannot afford for the medicine. which costs $ 10 for a tube.

Join Us for Sending Hope to these Children

Share Sarangbat wants you to join us for sending ointments for these Children suffering like Kirming in Mongol, Myanmar, and Vietnam. We are making our greatest efforts to get these children their surgeries as well as required medicine. For the follow-up we are helping those child patients get sponsorship from multi-donors.

  • The medicine helps the child patients’ skin heal up more quickly.
  • The medicine helps stop the child patients from scratching their wounds.
  • The medicine helps reduce the risk of the secondary infection.