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Stories from Share Sarangbat
Beautiful Journey for Burn Patients in Mongolia Date2015.12.08

“Keeping the promise made a year ago” Share Sarangbat again sent the Medical Team to the National Trauma and Orthopedic Research Center in Mongolia located in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia last August last year as promised a year before. Medical Team worked there for five days to treat approximately 150 burn or frostbite patients and also proceeded with required surgeries for 6 patients. For it was the second time the whole process went smoothly for Medical Team who could take extra care for the patients. Also, the medicine for their sensitive skin was handed. Hae-Jun Jang, Director at Share Sarangbat said, “There are a lot of child burn patients in Mongolia who got in the fire accident while left in ger, a Mongolian tent by their working parents. We are planning to keep supporting for their treatment through our international sponsorship program. One of the child burn patients who got surgery this time has been sponsored by Share Sarangbat donor. We also have plans to support and care for the neighbors that we met this time, who are in need while we keep working on the international child sponsorship.”


Sung-Hun Goh, Program Officer at Share Sarangbat said, “Our team was so glad to be able to come again and help the patients. We kept our promise.” Galba, Chief at National Trauma and Orthopedic Research Center in Mongolia said, “Our team waited for Share Sarangbat medical team for the last year. We are so grateful for their visit to help us and also for the opportunity to learn skills for medical procedure in the operation room during the surgery. The surgery and the medicine was so helpful.” Share Sarangbat’s Medical Support Project for Burn Patients is to be continued.